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October 11, 2015
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December 5, 2015

Make your website responsive with clicks

Now a days every internet user browse websites with different electronic devices. For example, mobile, tab, iPad, laptop, desktop etc. So making your websites content responsive regarding different devices screen size is really a challenge. For example, if you write css codes to make your content responsive for Galaxy Tab then your site may not be responsive for iPad. So you need to write couple of hundreds of lines to make your content responsive for different device screens.

I have been using Be Theme for two years. It’s the biggest theme set I have ever seen. It has an option called “Responsive visibility” (version 7.0) under each content block.


So that you can make a content that is visible for in mobile but not in Tablet and Desktop. Likewise you can make a content only visible in Desktop and hide for other devices. Simply copy the content and set the responsive visibility for it and you are done. So no coding experience is needed to do that. It saves time for developers also. Not only that, in this theme there are several pre-made theme sets that covers almost all the website categories.