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October 11, 2015

Conception of Color

Right color selection can be challenging sometimes. Understanding color is important for any graphics, web or logo design. Color when use correctly can grids the viewer eye what is important. However when you use incorrect color it can make viewer lost or irritated to eye. Basically Color can make or break your design.

As a childhood we have learned primary colors as simplified raw format like red, blue, green, yellow, purple etc. When we used these primary colors to our designs we find out that using these basic color make the design really ugly. But why is that? Because the saturation and value of the color. Saturation is the intensity of the color and value is brightness or darkness of the color. Now if we can use properly saturation and value we can make lots of different shade using single raw color. Make sure you do not overdo saturation and value in any design which may irritate the viewer eye. However this two things can used to guide viewer and tell the story. It can also be used to change the mood in any design. For example vibrant color can be used to show a happy moment and dull or unsaturated color can be used to express a sad moment.


Color harmony is a technique of combining color in such a way that is harmonious to eye. There are many color combination technique but here we will discuss four popular and common techniques. First one is monochromatic. Monochromatic involves only one color which is best for single subject. Monochromatic is also like a raw color with different level of saturation. Number two is analogous which colors next to each other in color wheel. Analogous technique can be seen in nature. It creates a peaceful and comfortable mood in design.

Next is triadic color harmony scheme. This one is colors equally distant on color wheel. It is best for cartoon and surreal design. For example if you visit our site you can see they have used triadic color scheme for their logo. Blue, green and that little red bow tie is the best use of this color scheme. Next one is complementary which is opposing color on color harmony wheel. This one is very popular and really pleasing to eyes. Best use of this scheme is to use one dominate color and little splash of other color. 50-50 color is not the wise choice to use this color scheme. Happy designing.